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    Раздел: News Просмотров: 5 Комментрариев: 0 Дата: 15 February, 2024 в 18:45

    OJSC “Pilot Plant of Metal Structures” is holding the next meeting of shareholders at the company’s location: Minsk, Pushkin Ave., 68. The date of the meeting is March 19, 2024, beginning at 16.00. The format of the meeting is in person. The form of voting on agenda items is by ballot.

    1. On introducing amendments and (or) additions to the charter of the Company.
    2. On the results of the financial and economic activities of the Company for 2023 and the main activities for 2024;
    3. Report on the work of the Company’s supervisory board in 2023. Evaluation of the management organization’s activities by the supervisory board.
    4. Report of the Audit Commission on the results of the audit of the financial and economic activities of the Company for 2023.
    5. Approval of the annual report, annual accounting (financial) statements of the Company.
    6. Approval of the procedure for distributing net profit for 2023 and the first quarter of 2024 and paying dividends for 2023.
    7. Approval of the net profit distribution plan in 2024 and the first quarter of 2025.
    8. Election of members of the supervisory board.
    9. Election of members of the audit commission.
    10. On the amount of remuneration for members of the supervisory board and audit commission.
    11. On approval of the Agreement on the accession of OJSC Spetsremont to OJSC Pilot Plant of Metal Structures.
      The registration time for meeting participants is on the day of the meeting from 15:00 to 16:00 at the place of its holding upon presentation of documents confirming their right to participate in the meeting. Persons who are not registered are not entitled to take part in voting.
      The time and place of familiarization of persons entitled to participate in the meeting with materials prepared for the meeting is on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) from 10:00 to 12:00 from 03/07/2024 to 03/19/2024 at the address: Minsk, Pushkin Ave., 68, reception (tel. 276-22-33).

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  •   +375 17 276 22 33
  •   г.Минск, пр-т Пушкина, 68
  •   ozmk@ozmk.by
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